"Where are my angels, sweet sweet angels..."
Greetings everyone. Jsem tady a stýskalo se mi.
Všichni jste mi moc chyběli, proto se na krátký čas
a po dlouhém stěhování vracím zpět. Držte mi pěsti
a možná tady chvíli zůstanu. Začíná se mi u vás líbit.
Cheers Jilly:-*

There are mirackles waiting so keep concentrating:)

19. července 2011 v 0:52 | J.
J. should definitely go for a sleep as it's gonna be quite hard day tomorough/today:) But I'm just about to make a list. And when I'm about making a list there is always something that makes me keep going:D

one of the most beautiful songs that I memorize when I think about my growing up in 90's:) This film was always so damn sick, but I guess it made its purpore cause it always made my imagination flying:)

the same with this:) Casper is so amazing only because of Christina Ricci. This girls was a miracle and huge role model (yeah, especially cause of Wednesday:-p ). The fact is that even this movie isn't perfect it seemed to me like perfection when I was a little freakishly freaky girl. And honestly, James HOrner made really magnificent work on this score and it won't never stop making me shivers.

Finally, movie that I admire even now. Cause it is not Disney's and it isn't Pixar's too but still it was able to make a rule the world :D Amazing animation full af inspiration. Something that worths it:) Pajama Pajama! ;D

Spielberg and Williamses (means Robin and John) what else I need to say? The movie isn't so great as it's made by Spielberg, but for me it's beautiful:) Cause I used to sing this somg when I was so small like she is:)

Michale Crawford!!! And beautiful movie:) Guess there are not words for this:)

This movie has been my nightmare, my love, my addiction:) Just everything. Cause accordnig to the Lord of Darkness- There is no good without evil. This film is unbelivable if talk about its vizual side! R.I.P. Jerry Goldmith:(

One of these newer Disney movies that actualy had nice and original songs:)

The best the best the best! David Bowie forewer! I so fucking love them since I was a kid!:) This movie will always be good. It just can't bad and if it seems to be, than you just are not the right wiever:))

Enough for today:) The rest yesterday/today:)) Remember me this way and sweet dreams in slumberland when whatever you imagine can happen, but If you'll feel alone once upon a december and you'll feel like all the world falls down please wake up and I'll sing you Lily's (Jilly's;) song:)

This is my childhood:) Introduce yourselfs:)

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