"Where are my angels, sweet sweet angels..."
Greetings everyone. Jsem tady a stýskalo se mi.
Všichni jste mi moc chyběli, proto se na krátký čas
a po dlouhém stěhování vracím zpět. Držte mi pěsti
a možná tady chvíli zůstanu. Začíná se mi u vás líbit.
Cheers Jilly:-*

What the hell are you thinking about?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8xjcRbtCks&feature=related

25. července 2011 v 23:44 | J.
It's like The lost boys, except it's totally different:)

:( Weird, I know I'm a weirdy but this time I even feel this way.

I was in Slovakia today with my father and neighbour. Not the best company really. Anathema, Kerli, Sunrise avenue and Lordi would be better:) 9 hours in car was just quite enought and I actually felt asleep (Thanks Dreaming light;).
I went there to see the healier (or the terapist or the docter, whatever, you're free to choose). I'm not gonna wright about the reasons I have to go abroad to see a specialist. Let's just say I'm ill:))
Well, I came back with a bag full of cure and with a lots of issues to think about:-/

How can someone even berry it when someone tell you that almost everything is wrong with you? It that possible? And does it make sence? I don't know if I am sad, dissapoited, angry, scared, frustrated, sceptic or just tired:-/ I don't know anything. It's too hard to think right now.

Sleep well


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