"Where are my angels, sweet sweet angels..."
Greetings everyone. Jsem tady a stýskalo se mi.
Všichni jste mi moc chyběli, proto se na krátký čas
a po dlouhém stěhování vracím zpět. Držte mi pěsti
a možná tady chvíli zůstanu. Začíná se mi u vás líbit.
Cheers Jilly:-*

Well well well! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EARTcJ48H0&feature=relmfu

16. září 2011 v 20:57 | J.
So as I said, I wasn't part of it. And I miss the old times a bit but it doesn-t matter cause I am over already! I HAVE TO BE!

A new series is a part of my life now which I use it as a coulisse that makes me feel calm and that's Life unexpected. It is not practicaly new but still. I need some kind of coulisse to make me feel right. It is a bit paradox cause I need something like that to make me feel that I actualy belong. Crazy right? There is serious mess in my head isn-t there. So this weekend is the last one holiday weekend for me, but I won't enjoy it cause my ideals are already gone:) I've been technicaly switched;) Never mind. But next week you can look forward to a brand new diary of university student and I guess you believe me when I say that it-s gonna be rough:)


Unfortunately there is still this thing with my hometown. I'm gonna go to university in my hometown. I hate that fact that I will have to meet people that I already met in high school:-/ But honestly, nothing-s gonna stop me from showing them who I am. I wanna show them who I can be when I-m focused. Big change is around the corner, I will let anyone got in my way. I-ll let anyone make me feel broken anymore! I-M INVINCIBLE TONIGHT!

* you know what? if blog ever broke down, is there a possible way how to sue them?:D:D I've just found it hillarious*

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