"Where are my angels, sweet sweet angels..."
Greetings everyone. Jsem tady a stýskalo se mi.
Všichni jste mi moc chyběli, proto se na krátký čas
a po dlouhém stěhování vracím zpět. Držte mi pěsti
a možná tady chvíli zůstanu. Začíná se mi u vás líbit.
Cheers Jilly:-*

You saw the best that was in me..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl8SuLBCq3k

28. září 2011 v 22:41 | J.
I promised so here it is. I promised. Rather to myself than you guys but still.I'm a student now. I am happy there. I feel kinda much moe free than before because changes makes people take a new breath. So I am kind of myself right now. On the other hand there are still these screwed up things that still brake me.
I jus remembered one thing that I for some reason wanna remeber once. That he almost had a fight because of me again. But this is just a little btw.
Well, I go to university, I met plenty of new people and my first two weeks even they were very stressful and should have wright down all these important things, it was also really amazing.

I've done so so many many things. It is strange but I've been there like for a week and a half now but I feel like it were months. Weird, guys, Ima telling you, weird.

I love our university library. I also love my new creapy profesors. We bought fucking perfect thing in a second hand (my favourite shop btw;). Darth vader costume and ima not kidding:D Klasy!:D
Today I've been delivering weding cakes and in the afternoon we were practising to the EVENT:) My aunts wedding that is happening this saturday:) Ima pretty excited but nervous. Ima gonna sing;)

So many nice things happend but today i feel weird. And not because i had a fight with my mother but much more because i again feel this betrailed somewhere deep in my heart that i just cant forget. I dont know why i memorized it just today but right now:

And I feel even more lonely when someone is with me or someone writes me. Even more...sorry for depresion:) despite all of that ima still in a greta mood recently so remeber:



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