"Where are my angels, sweet sweet angels..."
Greetings everyone. Jsem tady a stýskalo se mi.
Všichni jste mi moc chyběli, proto se na krátký čas
a po dlouhém stěhování vracím zpět. Držte mi pěsti
a možná tady chvíli zůstanu. Začíná se mi u vás líbit.
Cheers Jilly:-*

Bohemian rapsody

7. října 2011 v 12:53
Such an amazing day yesterday! A bit bohemian. But it is not my fault that I am bohem. I wear mostly formal clothes, especially dresses in dark colours. My long brown hear are mostly messy and look like I just come out from very heavy storm:D I wear high liced-up boot sometimes even in summer and retro old used bags and jackets from second hand. I read nordic philosophers which scares people around me a lot. I'm just thinking about clolouring my hair to red because of autumn and so on...this is not the best proof of bohemism but I don't have enough time for all of that:)

So yesterday I've been looking everywhere on the internet for my favourite book Sophia's world by Gaarder but I couldn't find it. I've spend whole afternoon in coffehouse reading my new book. I also kept one leaf that has fallend into my book while I was reading. Cute. I've been listening to new music especially Adam Agin and some odl music especially 65daysofstatic. In the evening we've been watching super 80's music movie abou old-school rap with Beastie boys etc...:D

And now? 13:00, I should propably start doing something :D I'm about take my umbrella and go to seconhand book shop, go to coffehouse again and go to library "Bitches love libraries":D See ya niggaz!:D

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